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Blessed to be a blessing.

We believe that giving back to communities gives us the sense of purpose in what we do.

We organise our own CSR programs and also collaborate with various non-profit organisations that mainly but not exclusively support the children.


“MEAL for MEAL” feeding program is a life-long commitment from Hurricane’s Grill as part of NORMI Group in which for every main meal purchased, Hurricane’s Grill will donate a meal to a child in need. We believe that food is the most staple and basic need before any other needs.

The program started since the opening of Hurricane’s first outlet back in August 2015 and was awarded by Indonesian Museum of Record as “Lifelong Program of Donating One Portion of Meal for Every Portion Sold to Charity”.


We believe that education is a right and a necessity that every child deserves the opportunity to pursue a life changing degree. For that we have decided to do our bit and play an important role in increasing accessibility of basic education towards underprivileged children in collaboration with Saab Shares.  Just as the rainbow symbolizes hope for better days, we believe that providing education towards underprivileged children is also a means of hope for them to pursue their ambitions and build a promising future.


This collaborative project was initiated as part of our annual CSR activities. Through this program, we invited our loyal customers to sign up for the #Artforcharity event. All proceeds from this program were donated to a social foundation that provided special attention to impoverished, neglected, and marginalized people with disabilities.

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