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NORMI Group was established in 2015 and stands as a prominent F&B and hospitality company located in Indonesia. The company specializes in the conception, ownership, and management of numerous renowned hospitality establishments within the country. These establishments include recognised and acclaimed names such as Hurricane's Grill, Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters, Devon Cafe, Aryana Indonesian Cuisine, Nam Heong, Ponggol Nasi Lemak, and Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice. Having a progressive ideas to create world-class F&B and hospitality brands, with all focus on quality, service, experience, design, and innovation.

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Mr. Imron Jayakusuma began his journey in the F&B industry when he first led the company to acquire franchises from all over Singapore and Australia. The first was the master franchise of Hurricane's Grill for Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in 2015.

His vision and dedication led to the successful opening of the first Hurricane’s Grill restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2015. This initial venture sets the stage for what would become an impressive portfolio of dining establishments for Normi Group.

In 2016, Mr. Jayakusuma expanded the business by acquiring Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters from Australia to the Indonesian market. At that time, Indonesia was still in the stage of the second generation of coffee brands, which were chain coffee shops. Toby’s Estate was the first third generation of coffee brand, which brought a specialty coffee, from Australia that came to Indonesia. This strategic move showcased his keen business acumen and his ability to identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the F&B and lifestyle sector.

With an unwavering passion for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Mr. Jayakusuma has continued to drive the success of the company over the years. Under his leadership, the business has flourished and diversified, encompassing a total of 7 prominent F&B brands with more than 30 restaurants spreading across Indonesia.

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