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Crafting Exceptional


Famous for our ribs and premium steaks, Hurricane’s Grill steakhouses are well-known worldwide. From humble beginnings, the Hurricane’s brand spans more than 20 years with our first restaurant opening in 1995.


Since then we have enjoyed increasing popularity with both local Sydneysiders and international visitors alike, and are proud to still be as enthusiastic and as innovative as the day we first opened.


Toby’s Estate is a pioneering Australian specialty coffee roaster at the forefront of the industry, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of coffee globally with a focus on innovation, sustainability and knowledge.


The founding passion to push the boundaries and create remarkable coffee remains the common motivation for the coffee enthusiasts that make up the team today. Commitment to uncompromised quality and freshness is a shared obsession and is the reason why Toby’s Estate continues to be a highly respected specialty coffee roaster.


Devon Cafe runs on LOVE, LAUGHTER with cups of STRONG coffee and GOOD food. Named after our first location on Devonshire Street, Devon Cafe is renowned for its creative, fine-dining breakfast fare, where fine dining meets casual cafe fare with a liberal sprinkling of Asian influences.

The sophisticated simplicity seamlessly tied to our cafes, in regards to both decor and food, is a key attribute to the Devon Cafeʼs success. Between the calming interior of the front room and the beautiful presentation of the food, Devon Cafe serves as an oneʼs culinary dream.


Open your eyes, your mind and your heart into an elegant rendition of your Beloved Mother’s home kitchen; a theatre of art where she passionately nurtures you through cooking the finest version of your favourite Indonesian home cooked meals, on the foundation of using local fresh produce and top quality homemade ingredients cooked from scratch every day. As you dine in Aryana, expect to be swept away by dishes that are authentic yet unique, flavourful yet subtle, nostalgic yet foreign. It will keep your tongue tingling and your mind guessing and reminiscing throughout your meal. It is a dining experience that will leave you satisfied in the gut, the eyes and mostly the heart.


Backed by 60 years of rich history, Nam Heong Ipoh has been renowned for preserving the timeless flavours of Ipoh’s culinary heritage while delivering impeccable service. Through the years, Nam Heong has continually captivated the hearts of many near and far, en route to becoming one of the most iconic F&B brands in Malaysia as well as Asia.


Established back in 1979 at Tanjong Katong, PONGGOL NASI LEMAK has gathered crowd’s attention with freshly cooked meal and signature crispy fried chicken wings no one could ever resist.


With more than 30-year experience of serving the best nasi lemak one could expect, PONGGOL NASI LEMAK keeps improving and growing. Building upon the adaption of traditional Nasi Lemak by bringing it to the next level with its heavenly taste of greatness. This is what makes customers keep coming back for more.


It starts off with white rice, topped with different types of meats and vegetables, before it is entirely drenched with curry.


Known as the legendary curry rice, this messy plate of mixed rice is iconic for its curry gravy and braised meat sauce poured over steamed rice, accompanied with vast choices of signature sides with the metallic snapping sound of the scissors used to reduce the chicken chops, eggs and other dishes into bite sized chunks.

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